Though there are not many disadvantages to the Canadian healthcare system, they do still exist. Compared to the US however, they seem miniscule and even to the point that they are not just tolerable, but almost non-existant. It was hard to find problems within the Canadian system; however, I did find some. The following include:

  • Canadians use a socialist health care system
  • US information suggests that Canadian health care is not as good as it seems, saying it has longer wait times.
  • Information suggest people are rejected, or even taken care of poorly.

Despite these three facts that I could barely even gather, it has seemed that United States propaganda has taken role into the main population of the public. Though the United States is a capitalist country, it still does not have the best health care system compared to other non-capitalist countries. True reports from witnesses of the Canadian people have suggested that it is a superb health care system. From the US states stand-point of people, it has suggested the same about Canada as the Canadians say. Who is pointing out the propaganda? The rich who are able to afford their health care, and want to get richer as the poor get even more poorer.